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Don't Pay that Traffic Ticket or Speeding Ticket. First call (360) 334-6277 to discuss your options

Being issued a traffic or speeding ticket creates major hassles. Your insurance may go up; you may lose out on certain job opportunities, or even lose your current job in today’s tough economy. Your traffic record is marred. You may even lose your right to drive. Erin Bradley McAleer works to limit your risk and reduce your hassle.

Tickets We Challenge

  •  Alcohol-Consuming in Moving  Vehicle
  •  Backing Into or From an Alley
  •  Blocking Traffic
  •  Brakes - Defective
  •  Cell Phone
  •  Child Restraint
  •  Cross Walks
  •  Expired Tabs
  •  Defective Muffler
  •  Driving In Bike Lane
  •  Emerging From Alley or Driveway
  •  Failure to Yield Right Of Way
  •  Following Too Close
  •  Freeway Improper Access
  •  HOV Lane
  •  Improper Turns
  •  Lane Change
  •  Left Turn Violations
  •  License Plates
  •  Minimum Speed
  •  Mirrors
  •  Motor Cycle License
  •  Motorcycle Face Shield
  •  No Insurance
  •  No Turn Sign
  •  Operating Vehicle in Single Lane
  •  Passing - Overtaking on the Left
  •  Passing – No Passing Zone
  •  Passing – Overtaking on the Right
  •  Red Light
  •  Right of Way
  •  Speed – General Speed
  •  Speed Too Fast For Conditions
  •  Speed in Posted Zone
  •  Speed on Arterial Highway
  •  Stop Sign
  •  Stop Signals
  •  Tail Lamps
  •  Throwing Debris
  •  Traffic Control Devices
  •  Traffic Lane Changes
  •  Turn Signals Required
  •  Turns - U Turn Restrictions

About Erin Bradley McAleer

Erin Bradley McAleer is an experienced traffic and criminal defense attorney who has successfully handled hundreds of traffic and criminal cases with notable results for his clients. Whether you’re charged with Attempted Premeditated Murder or Speeding 5 miles over the speed limit, Erin Bradley McAleer has the experience and knowledge to help you put forth a compelling and often successful case.

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  • Traffic Violations
  • Why Us?
  • Our Experience
  • Erin Bradley McAleer helps Washington motorists with legal representation with the following types of Washington traffic tickets and violations: speeding tickets, red light, stop signs, U-turn, no registration, no insurance, commercial driver licenses (CDL), missed court dates and equipment violations.
  • Washington traffic court procedures can be unfamiliar to most people, which is why it can be difficult for most motorists to make a persuasive presentation to the judge. Having a lawyer represent you can dramatically increase the chances of winning the traffic case, keeping the violation off your record and reducing the fine or receiving no fine at all.
  • Erin Bradley McAleer knows the local court rules and has had extensive experience in front of the same local judges. This allows him to examine all aspects of your case and present your traffic matter in a more logical and effective way.

A committed infraction will stay “on” your driving record forever, but will only be visible to insurance companies for 3 years. If you have a Washington traffic ticket or speeding ticket, Erin Bradley McAleer is here to help. Call today for a free confidential consultation.

Andrew, A Speeding Ticket client

" Based on his excellent service, communication and professionalism he will be the only attorney I will work with. "

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